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What Is Bitcoin ?Bitcoin is a virtual currency that can be used to transact online. When asked how this form of currency, which clearly shaped not like a physical currency issued by a bank and not a currency of a country. The shape of this unique currency is just a file like ordinary general files. The file is encryption of unique codes that make it not the same with one another. And as mp3 files or word that you have on your computer equipment, Bitcoin files can also be stored in a computer or a flash disk or software called Digital Bitcoin Wallet. In addition Bitcoin can also be saved in Bitcoin storage services in the Internet cloud shaped like a social. According to some sources, the history of the birth of Bitcoin began in 2007. A computer experts to try to develop a virtual currency system that is completely new models are not bound by any party or authority. The man was named Satoshi Nakamoto. The man from Japan is claimed to develop Bitcoin for 2 years and started to take it off in the world of the Internet in 2009 and eventually spread to the present.

How To Get Started?

To start using Bitcoin in cyberspace, then first of all you need to get Wallet (right in the Indonesian language could diibarakan like wallets to save money in the virtual world). Well Wallet question can be grouped into several types:
  1. Desktop Wallet
  2. Desktop Wallet
    Desktop Wallet Bitcoin created using a desktop application that you can download and install onto your computer.
  3. Mobile Wallet
    Mobile Wallet is made using the application is installed to the smartphone based Android OS. This means you can always carry at all times Wallet you wherever you go and use the Mobile Wallet to payment transactions, purchases & amp; sales by using means scan the QR code or NFC (by clicking on the tap of your smartphone) to The latest smartphone in general already have NFC card.
  4. Web Wallet
    Web Wallet also offers flexibiliti because you will be in the host Wallet on the Internet by the provider of Web Wallet. But the lack of the type This wallet is on the side of security that require special attention.

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